The PR Secrets
Top Content Marketing Firm Helps Business Owners Increase Awareness and Online Visibility with
PR Newswire Services, Creative Media Marketing, and Content Creation
"I don't give my clients one karate lesson. I invest in their long-term success, and I expect them to invest in their own success, too," 
Katie Coates
Founder, The PR Secrets
One of the Top Public Relations Firms in the US
The PR Secrets opened its doors in 1998 and has served clients all over the United States and Europe
Secrets include:
  • Improving Search Results for Your Business
  • ​Building Your Audience
  • Driving Traffic to Your Website ​ 
  • ​Making More Sales
  • ​Burying Less-than-favorable Stories That Could Damage Your Reputation
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Katie Coates, APR, Fellow PRSA
The PR Secrets
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Huntington Beach, CA 92646
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